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More Than Hope

More Than Hope is a community centered around uplifting black authors and content for the purpose of becoming better anti-racism advocates.  We are committed to continuing our personal education about systemic racism, inequality, and the black experience in America. We hold ourselves accountable for pursuing this knowledge, and encourage friends, family, and community members to do the same. Friends don't let friends remain ignorant! The longevity of this allyship is of the utmost importance as we aspire to make true change and progress within our lives and the world around us.


If you feel the same- well then, join the club.

Education. Accountability.


So How Does It Work?

In typical book club fashion, we will be reading and discussing a black author's work every month. There will also be optional, additional recommendations each month- documentaries, movies, clips, articles and/or TedTalks to further your education (it is all very feasible, I promise!)


The Forum tab is open to start conversations about the book, the additional content, or anything else you've found to be insightful or interesting. I would love to see some suggestions for future readings, recommended content, or community improvements using the Contact tab!

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