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So You Want to Be an Ally?

Welcome to More Than Hope!

I've been seeing various posts circulating around that include lists of books, movies, shows, etc. for white people to educate themselves on racial inequality in America. Many of my friends shared these posts, but I had to wonder if they themselves would actually put in the effort it takes to acquire and synthesize that information after #BlackLivesMatter wasn't trending anymore.

I kept hearing something, online and at protests, that stuck with me: "History shows us that white allies disappoint."

So how do we keep that same energy?

See, on my own mission to become a better informed ally- I had an idea. I wanted to create a community where we would be committed to learning and then educating others. To holding each other accountable to being the allies we say we are. To effectively removing the burden we place on black people to educate and explain to us why the systems we benefit from were built against them. To showcasing black authors and content that we may have otherwise glossed over.

I encourage you to ditch any biases, stereotypes, and white savior complexes at the door- and truly dedicate some time every month to expanding your understanding of the world around you. This is a call to action to begin or continue conversations (even awkward and uncomfortable ones) with family and friends based on your newfound knowledge.

This is more than just hoping for the changes we wish to see--- this is where the change starts.

So grab a friend, grab a book, and don't disappoint!

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